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At Roy & Son we are proud of our heritage. It reaches as far back as to the mid 20th century, when Roy Mannerstål started his first barbershop in Stockholm. The spirit and knowledge gathered during those years has been proudly carried, maintained and intervened into the concept of Roy & Son, when his son Peter Mannerstål founded the company.

Our history provides us with a foundation of great understanding of our clientele, immaculate level of service and a craftsmanship that honors all levels of barbering and hairdressing. It also grant us authority over our work and vision as we actively pursue all exciting fields of our craft, may it be further refinement of our services or bringing fashion to our clients. A strong heritage allows us to be multi-facetted and encourages us to explore new areas to enthuse our clients.

Our mission is to convey a new and refined touch to the classic barbershop. We offer our clients classic shaves and modern haircuts, with history in mind and future in sight.